15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

October 13, 2017

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Last week, we decided it would be fun to put together fifteen different Halloween costumes incorporating our glasses! Each and every one of these costumes can be recreated with pieces you may have in your closet already and if they do require a prop, it can be easily found at your nearest Halloween store or Party City (Pro Tip: You can even try your local thrift store!). We had a blast putting these looks together and hope you love them as much as we do!  

We also filmed an entire YouTube video, watch it here.


For our hippie costume, we used mostly everything we had in our closet already. If you don't have a top or vest like the ones shown, you can easily swap it out for a tie-dye tee! Most importantly, don't forget your groovy frames! Ours can be shopped here.


For an easy Napolean Dynamite costume, simply pick up a "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt from Amazon or you could even DIY one yourself! Throw on a pair of gold aviators (ours can be found here) and you're good to go! For some extra spice, you can add a mini walkman, headphones, and his classic boots.


Luckily we already had a sheriff's uniform laying around but if you don't - you can easily find a pretend uniform at your local Halloween store! We added a fake sheriff's badge, a fake gun, and our "Let's Be Cops" aviators that can be found here!


Where's Waldo can easily be recreated with any red and white striped shirt (preferably long sleeve), either a red or white beanie, and our #5T055 frames. If you wanted to go all out, you can carry around a cane and have throw on some binoculars!


Being a nerd is an easy, go-to costume if you're running out of time and Halloween is quickly approaching! All you need for this look is a button up shirt, suspenders, "broken" glasses (we used our #152030 frames), and some books!


Damian from Mean Girls is bound to be the easiest costume to recreate! All you need is a blue hoodie and all black aviators (we used these). Next, simply print out "She doesn't even go here!" on a piece of paper and your costume is complete!



Wendy and Squints from The Sandlot are other easy, last minute costumes that can be created using stuff you probably already have in your closet! For Wendy, we tied red ribbon in our hair and used a red tank top, lifeguard shorts, our #151377 sunglasses, and a red whistle we got at a party store. For Squints, we paired our #167042 frames with a baseball cap, plain white tee, grey button up, blue jeans, and white sneakers.


Still running out of ideas of what to be for Halloween? Be a 50's chick! Everything you need for this costume, you probably already have in your closet! The only thing you would need to get is our 50's inspired cat eye sunnies, which can be found here.


To be a Coachella girl for Halloween, all you need is a floppy hat (or flower crown), circle sunnies (ours can be shopped here), and any sort of boho attire! Anything floral print or crochet would work great!


To be a bat on Halloween, all you need is an all black outfit, black cape, black cat ears, and our bat mask glasses that can be found here!


Recreating Migos was surprisingly easy! We went to the nearest thrift store and found these floral button up's in the women's section and they ended up working great for the costume! Next, we went to a party store and picked up fake gold chains, costume jewelry, and grills to add to the overall look. Of course, we can't forget their signature glasses so we added styles #176772, #177801, and #161843.


In order to be Kurt Cobain for Halloween, all you really need is an aviator hat (we scored ours at the thrift store), a cheetah coat, fake cigarettes, and of course his iconic glasses that can be shopped here.


For our Kim Kardashian and Kanye West costumes, we had our models put together an all black outfit and then accessorized them with our #159311 and #50610 glasses, they're very similar to the glasses worn by Kim and Kanye themselves.


For our Harry Potter costume, we used a black cape to mimic the classic Gryffindor robe that he wears and added his house scarf, a lightning bolt that we drew on with eyeliner, a stick that we used as a wand, and of course our #51975 glasses.


This costume required a few more props compared to the other costumes but lucky for us, we found them all at our local party supplies store. Overall, we really loved how this costume turned out and we hope you do to! 


If you liked any of the costumes we featured today, please let us know! Also, if you use any of our glasses for your Halloween costume this year, send us pictures! We would love to see what you guys come up with! Simply upload your photos to Instagram and tag us @SunglassSpot or use the hashtag #SunglassSpot so that we can see them.

Thanks for tuning in, see you next week!

Xoxo, Sunglass Spot

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